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As Snellius is a new system and was newly installed and configured some things might not be fully working yet and are still in the process of being set up. Here, we list the issues that are known to us and that you don't have to report to the Service Desk. Of course, if you encounter issues on Snellius not listed here then please let us know (through the Service Desk).

Table of Contents

Project spaces read-only

At this moment (18/10/21, 13:56) the migration of project spaces from Cartesius is almost complete, but not fully yet. Hence, project spaces are currently only available in read-only mode.

Resolved issues (updated 20-10-21 11:37)

Project spaces

Project space data should be complete and writeable as of October 20, 10:30. Please check your data.

Accounting not active in October

Your jobs will not get accounted against your budget in the month of October. Starting in November accounting will be fully active.

Remote visualization

The remote visualization stack is not available yet (status as of 18/10/21):

  • The remotevis  module is not present in the 2021 environment
  • GPU-based accelerated rendering, e.g. in ParaView, is not available yet

Missing software packages

A number of software packages of the 2021 environment is still being installed and might take a few days to become available (status as of 19/10/21):

  • BLIS-3.0
  • Crystal17-1.0.2
  • Darshan-3.3.1
  • DFlowFM
  • EIGENSOFT-7.2.1
  • Extrae-3.8.3
  • FSL-6.0.4
  • jupyterlmod-2.0.2
  • LAMMPS-29Oct2020
  • MotionCor2-1.4.4
  • OpenFOAM-v9
  • PyTorch-1.9.0
  • R-4.1.0
  • RELION-3.1.0
  • RStudio-Server-1.4.1717
  • Stata-16.1-MP
  • swak4foam
  • Stopos-0.93

  • Trilinos-13.0.1
  • TurboVNC-2.2.6
  • VirtualGL-2.6.90